1. Check the obvious first.

Read your manual. Maybe it somehow got unplugged, or tripped a safety switch or circuit breaker, or has some other simple problem that’s easily fixed. Every appliance comes with an owner’s manual, most of which have troubleshooting sections.

2. Maybe you can repair it yourself.

If you know the difference between channel lock pliers and a pipe cutter, you may tackle the job yourself – paying only for parts and donating your time and aggravation.

3. Lack of Stability.

Ask how long has the appliance repair company been in business? A good answer = Over 30 years.

4. Not “Factory-Authorized” to repair your brand.

Always use an appliance service company that is factory-authorized for repairs. Even if your unit is out of warranty, a Factory Authorized appliance repair company will be MOORE up to date on the latest training and technology and they may also be able to obtain help from the manufacturer to cover a portion of your repair costs.