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Freezer Tips: 7 Foods You Shouldn’t Freeze
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foods you should never freeze

The freezer can play a vital role in preserving foods and keeping them fresh. But not everything can withstand cold temperatures and still come out tasting or feeling the same. What are the foods you should never freeze? Dairy products should never be frozen, as cold temperatures separate their fats into unpalatable chunks. Learn more foods you shouldn’t freeze so there are no surprises when it’s time to eat them.

Foods You Shouldn’t Freeze if You Still Want to Enjoy Them

Whether the taste is slightly altered or the texture is drastically changed, there are some foods you shouldn’t freeze if you still want to eat and enjoy them. We’ll detail what to keep out of the freezer and why, offering alternative preservation options instead.

Dairy Products

Can you put milk in the freezer? Unfortunately, almost all dairy products are on the list of foods you shouldn’t freeze. This is because freezing separates the fat from milk, cheeses and yogurts, leaving it in unappetizing clumps when defrosted. Though the taste may not be affected, milk will turn lumpy, while cheese can become crumbly or crystallized.

Though dairy will have a shorter shelf life, store it in the refrigerator to keep its texture palatable. Refrain from buying it in bulk so smaller amounts can be consumed before it spoils.

foods you shouldn't freeze

Defrosted Meats

While freezing fresh meat is a safe preservation method, can you refreeze defrosted meat? We don’t recommend it. There’s too great a chance that harmful bacteria could develop during repeated thawings. Instead, cook the surplus of meat and then freeze it to eliminate bacterial growth.

Cooked Pasta

Can you freeze pasta that’s been cooked? Not if you want to really enjoy it. Cooked pasta loses its texture when defrosted, becoming mushy and gummy. However, baked pasta dishes like lasagna can be assembled and frozen before baking and still retain their texture. Bake them right out of the freezer to limit sogginess.


Foods you shouldn’t put in the freezer also include raw potatoes. Freezing causes their starches to separate, leaving the vegetable watery upon defrosting. Cook potatoes before freezing them to ensure that they retain their original texture.

Raw Produce

Though bananas and some berries can withstand a stint in the freezer, fruits and vegetables with high water content don’t fare as well. That’s because the water inside quickly crystallizes when freezing, but turns them mushy and soggy upon defrosting. 

We recommend cooking most fruits and vegetables before freezing so they keep their original texture. Blanching vegetables like green beans, broccoli, or peas for just 1-2 minutes can do the trick and preserve their fresh taste. As always, make sure frozen produce is tightly wrapped so spills or odor don’t make ice cubes taste bad.


What food shouldn’t be kept in the freezer, despite common practice? Though many people think freezing coffee preserves its flavor, it actually does the opposite. Cold temperatures not only dull coffee’s rich taste but also its pleasant aroma. To get the most out of every cup, store coffee grounds and whole beans in the refrigerator or at room temperature.

foods you shouldn't put in the freezer

Fresh Herbs

While leafy green herbs enter the freezer fresh and dry, defrosting leaves them a brown, soggy mess. Like most vegetables, the water in the leaves crystalizes during freezing but leaves the herbs mushy when they return to room temperature.

To freeze fresh herbs and preserve their texture, chop, and portion them in ice cube trays before covering each portion in oil. Remove cubes as needed and add them directly to recipes for fresh herb flavor and texture.

The team at Moore Appliance Service not only provides expert freezer repair service, but can answer any question. From foods you shouldn’t freeze to the right refrigerator fix, we can help!

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