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Why Is My Amana Dryer Making Noise While Running?
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amana dryer making noise

While some dryer noise is expected, rattles, thumps and squeaks are out of the ordinary. Why is my Amana dryer making noise? Small items like coins or paper clips can cause a rattling sound as they tumble in the dryer drum. These Amana dryer troubleshooting tips can help pinpoint the cause and solution for excessive dryer noise.

Amana Dryer Making Noise? Troubleshoot With This
Guide To Common Sounds

As alarming as loud dryer noises can be, many are quieted with a simple DIY fix. The following list of common sounds can explain why your Amana dryer makes noise and determine whether there’s an easy solution or if it requires professional attention.

Dryer Knocking or Rattling

An Amana dryer making noise that sounds like knocking or rattling can have several possible causes. Most can be fixed with a simple adjustment.

The following issues can cause knocking or rattling sounds:

  • Loose items: Coins, paper clips or unfastened buttons and belts can cause a rattling sound if they become loose in the dryer drum. Pause the dryer to remove any loose items. Before loading, remove belts and fasten buttons to prevent noise and damage.
  • Dryer too close to another object: A dryer may vibrate slightly while operating, resulting in knocking sounds if it’s too close to a wall, washer or other object. Make sure the dryer has at least an inch of space on all sides and that any items on top of it are removed during operation.
  • Blower wheel obstruction: Rapid rattling sounds could be due to an obstruction in the blower wheel. Check the wheel and remove any blockages. If there are no visible obstructions but the wheel wobbles when turned by hand, it may require replacement.

Dryer is Thumping

If your dryer makes noise when tumbling that sounds like loud thumping, you may need to check your laundry load. Large items that clump together can cause a thumping sound during tumbling. Stop the dryer to redistribute the load and place large items loosely in the drum to prevent clumping.

In some cases, the dryer drum’s rollers can also create a thumping noise. These components support the dryer drum and can make a thumping noise if the dryer isn’t frequently used. However, if your dryer is used consistently, the thumping sound could mean the rollers have worn out and require replacement.

Dryer is Squeaking or Grinding

Is your Amana dryer making loud squeaking noise or grinding sounds? The drum glides may have worn out. These nylon or plastic pieces are on the outside of the dryer drum, preventing contact between the drum and the dryer’s metal cabinet. If they wear out, the drum’s contact with the cabinet can result in squeaking or grinding as it rotates. Even if just one drum glide is worn, it’s best to replace both at once.

amana dryer making buzzing noise

Dryer is Clicking

While clicking sounds may seem unusual, they’re part of normal operation for gas dryers. Clicking often occurs as the gas valve turns on and may be repeated as it opens and closes during a drying cycle. However, if you hear your Amana dryer making buzzing noise or your gas dryer takes forever to dry, the valve may be malfunctioning. A professional service should assess the gas valve assembly and replace it if necessary.

Defective Amana Dryer Parts

Is your Amana dryer making noise even after trying these troubleshooting tips? Other dryer components may be responsible for the sound.

These dryer parts can make specific noises when they fail, requiring a professional replacement or clothes dryer repair:

  • Broken drive belt: This rubber belt helps rotate the dryer drum. When it frays or tears, the drum may make a thumping sound as it turns.
  • Worn drum bearing: The drum bearing supports the weight of the dryer drum and can wear out over time. When it does, the drum will make a squealing or grinding noise when turned by hand.
  • Defective drive motor: While an Amana dryer making humming noise is part of normal operation, a loud humming could indicate a failed drive motor. If the dryer won’t turn on and just hums, the motor is likely defective.

The technicians at Moore Appliance Service can silence an Amana dryer making noise with a professional repair. Schedule your expert service today!

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