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foods you should never freeze Freezers

Freezer Tips: 7 Foods You Shouldn’t Freeze

The freezer can play a vital role in preserving foods and keeping them fresh. But not everything can withstand cold temperatures and still come out ...
how to load silverware in a kitchenaid dishwasher Dishwashers

How to Load a KitchenAid Dishwasher for Cleaner Dishes

Loading a dishwasher correctly not only results in cleaner dishes, but can guard against breakdowns and malfunctions. Wondering how to best load the latest model ...
thanksgiving appliance tips Holiday

Thanksgiving Appliance Tips for a Drama-Free Holiday

To all of our valued customers, we hope you’re getting through this pandemic as best as possible. For those who have experienced illness, you have ...
difference between top loading and front loading washing machines Washers

Top Load vs Front Load Washing Machine: Which is Best?

Comparing a top load vs front load washing machine may not necessarily reveal which machine is best. Rather, it can help determine which machine is ...
what shouldn't go in a garbage disposal Repair Tips

6 Things You Shouldn’t Put Down a Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal can function perfectly for years, grinding up leftover food meal after meal. While these garbage-eating gadgets certainly make life easier, even the ...
how to organize a refrigerator Refrigerators

6 Essential Back To School Refrigerator Organization Ideas

As summer turns to fall, back to school planning goes beyond notebooks and backpacks. Whether your kids are heading to a classroom or learning at ...
kitchenaid oven isn't heating up Ovens

Why Is My KitchenAid Oven Not Heating Up Properly

Are the dishes you cook in the oven coming out undercooked, or worse, not cooked at all? If so, you may have a KitchenAid oven ...
best wash cycle for towels Dryers

How to Wash Bath Towels to Keep Them Soft

Everyone loves the soft fluffiness of a brand new bath towel, yet we’re soon resigned to the roughness that results from multiple washings. Don’t despair, ...
how to clean maytag refrigerator ice maker Ice Makers

6 Reasons Why Your Maytag Refrigerator Ice Tastes Bad

As spring changes to summer, icy cold beverages can cool us down on a hot day. But bad-tasting ice can be enough to make us ...

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