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6 Essential Back To School Refrigerator Organization Ideas
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how to organize a refrigerator

As summer turns to fall, back to school planning goes beyond notebooks and backpacks. Whether your kids are heading to a classroom or learning at home, having a well-organized refrigerator simplifies everything from breakfast to after-school snacks. Our back to school refrigerator organization ideas will set the tone for success with simple ideas like labels, shelf liners, and additional storage.

Back to School Refrigerator Organization Ideas That Make Life Easier

Back to school refrigerator organization ideas don’t have to involve fancy components and complex plans. A few simple additions can maximize space and use it more efficiently, making everyone’s day easier. But first, here’s how a good cleaning can set the stage for better organization.

Start by Deep Cleaning Your Refrigerator

The first step in how to organize a refrigerator involves a good cleaning to freshen, deodorize, and assess your space. Here’s how to clean the fridge quickly and effectively:

  • Empty the refrigerator for better access to shelves and bins.
  • Dispose of any old or unused items.
  • Wipe down doors, shelves, and interior walls with a paper towel and mild disinfectant spray.
  • Remove drawers and bins and wash with warm, soapy water.
  • Add an open container of baking soda to a shelf to absorb odor that can make food and refrigerator ice taste bad.
  • Clean your refrigerator coils to help the refrigerator maintain its temperature.

Add Refrigerator Shelf Liners

Shelf liners are one of those refrigerator hacks that simplify cleanups and add a decorative flair. When spills occur, simply remove the liner and rinse it in the sink. After cleaning the refrigerator, just remember to line your shelves before replacing all your food items.

Use Additional Storage Bins

The depth of most refrigerators can hide small items or hinder access to them. Utilize this space more efficiently by placing additional storage bins or baskets on your refrigerator shelves. This can keep items like after-school snacks, water bottles, and yogurt easily accessible and organized. Similarly, split up cavernous produce bins with dividers to organize fruits and vegetables.

Even the walls of your refrigerator can provide an opportunity for additional storage. One of our favorite refrigerator organization tips involves storing loose items in a small basket on the wall of the fridge. These baskets adhere easily with suction cups and are ideal for containing cheese sticks and baby food pouches.

back to school refrigerator organization ideas
Image: Savannah Cook via YouTube

Label Storage Bins and Compartments

Once your bins are filled and organized, label them so their contents are clear and easy to find. This is one of those back to school refrigerator ideas that can have multiple benefits. The less time refrigerator doors are open, the less cool air escapes, preserving your refrigerator and lowering utility bills.

And speaking of lower costs, save money on grocery shopping by labeling a specific bin for items that should be eaten first. These quick-to-spoil foods or older items will be better seen and used, leading to less food waste and spending.

How to Organize Your Refrigerator Door

Wondering what to store in refrigerator door shelves? As these are the warmest parts of your refrigerator, refrain from using them for meats, dairy, or other foods that spoil easily. Instead, place an empty egg carton on a shelf to easily contain condiments and dressings. Keep kid-friendly beverages like water bottles and juice boxes on the doors’ bottom shelves for quick and easy access.

refrigerator door organization
Image from The Kitchn

Add a Refrigerator Lazy Susan

It doesn’t get any easier than placing a refrigerator Lazy Susan on a sturdy shelf to organize a variety of foods. Smaller designs are ideal for accessing individually-sized snacks, while larger ones can house full-size beverage containers and pitchers.

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