Summer is in full swing and that means one thing: time to break out the bathing suits! Bathing suits can be a great way to cool down during the hot summer months, but they can also be a pain to keep clean. If you’re asking, “can bathing suits be machine washed”, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we will discuss the best way to clean your bathing suit – whether you can machine wash it or not.

Can Bathing Suits Be Machine Washed?

The answer to can bathing suits be machine washed is: it depends. Let’s look into this more and figure out the best plan for your swimsuit!

How Often Should You Wash Swimsuits?

Should you wash your swimsuit after every use? Ideally yes, especially if you are swimming in a chlorinated pool, as chlorine can damage swimsuits. If you are only swimming in the ocean or lake, you can probably get away with washing your suit less often. Every few uses should be fine – just make sure to rinse it out in fresh water after each use.

Steps for Machine Washing Swimwear

You’re going to want to look at the tags on your swimwear to see if it’s washer-friendly, if not skip to the hand-washing steps below. If you’re confident that your bathing suit can be machine washed, there are a few things you need to do in order to ensure that it comes out looking great.

First, to protect it, turn your swimsuit inside out, or put it in a mesh laundry bag before adding it to the wash load. This will protect your swimsuit from becoming tangled up with other clothes or getting damaged in the wash cycle.

Second, use cool water and a gentle detergent – never use hot water or bleach, as this can damage your suit. Finally choose the cycle carefully, as some washing machines have a delicate cycle that is perfect for swimwear.

How to Hand Wash a Bathing Suit

If you’re not sure whether or not your bathing suit can be machine washed, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and wash it by hand. Want to know how to wash swimsuits by hand? This is actually a pretty simple process – just fill up a sink with cool water and add a mild detergent. Gently swish your bathing suit around in the water and then let it soak for about 15 minutes. After that, rinse it out with cool water and let it air dry.

how to wash a swimsuit

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Can You Put Bathing Suits in the Dryer?

The answer to this question is almost always a resounding no! Heat can damage swimsuits, so it’s best to let them air dry. Hang your suit up on a drying rack or clothing line – don’t put it in the dryer.

Wondering how to dry a swimsuit quickly? If you’re in a pinch and really need to use the dryer, check the label on the swimsuit. If it says dryer safe, you can use the dryer every now and then. Just make sure to use the lowest heat setting and the gentlest cycle possible.

So there you have it – we’ve answered “can bathing suits be machine washed?” And now you should have everything you need to know about washing your bathing suit! We hope you found these tips helpful. Now enjoy your summer without having to worry about keeping your swimsuit clean!

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