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Dryer Safety Alert! Avoid These Common Causes of Dryer Fires
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There is a hidden fire hazard in almost every home…and it is in the dryer! The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that over 15,000 clothes dryer-related fires occur every year.

Over time, lint that sneaks past your clothes dryer’s filter collects both in the dryer cabinet and in the dryer vent duct. As lint build-up continues, overheating can occur, leading to the possibility of a duct fire.

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How Often to Clean Your Dryer Vents

Your dryer manufacturer suggests that the dryer and its venting system be cleaned at least once a year. This is essential for reducing the risk of lint buildup resulting in a dryer fire.

Our dryer maintenance service includes a thorough cleaning of your clothes dryer and its interior and exterior venting system, followed by a test to ensure proper airflow throughout the entire system. After completing the service, we provide you with a written evaluation of your system.

dryer vent cleaning

The Dangers of Clogged Vents

As shown in the photo below, we discovered burned lint inside a customer’s clothes dryer, resting on top of its heater element. Long drying times are often an indicator of a clogged vent system, which was occurring in this case. Because the vent was clogged, lint had collected on top of the heating element. The heat from the element could have ignited and initiated a fire. Fortunately, this had not caused a fire — yet.

Cleaning your dryer and its venting system may pay for itself by lowering your overall service and utility costs, and by extending the life of your dryer.

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Please consider scheduling your annual dryer vent line inspection with us.

Does your appliance have a recall alert? Learn about current product recalls by the U.S. Product Safety Commission.

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