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6 Reasons Why Your GE Dryer Takes Too Long to Dry
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dryer taking multiple cycles to dry

When your GE dryer takes too long to dry it adds to your to-do list instead of making your day easier. Whether it’s due to overloading or clogged vents, we’ll discuss why long drying times are eating up your schedule.

Here’s Why Your GE Dryer Takes Too Long to Dry

Many times a dryer taking multiple cycles to dry has a simple solution that’s easy to implement. We’ll narrow down each possibility to quickly determine if your dryer needs a minor adjustment or a repair.

#1.  Incoming Power Issue

Experiencing long drying times? We first suggest checking your power source. An electric dryer requires a 3-prong outlet capable of providing 240 volts of electricity. If it’s plugged in to a standard 120V outlet your GE dryer takes too long to dry on less power.

Similarly, we recommend refraining from using an extension cord to deliver power to your dryer. A typical extension cord can’t safely transmit the volts of electricity needed to adequately power the dryer.

#2. Drying Too Many Items

While we may think combining dryer loads saves time, doing so likely results in a GE dryer not drying clothes completely. This ends up adding to your drying time with multiple cycles. The same goes for filling the dryer drum with one large load. Without room to circulate, hot air won’t reach each item and clothes take longer to dry.

We recommend only drying one load at a time and filling the dryer ¾ of the way for faster drying times.

ge dryer takes too long to dry

#3. Washer Leaving Clothes Too Wet

If you find your GE dryer not drying very well it could really be the washer’s fault! If clothes from the washer are too wet it can take multiple cycles to get them completely dry. Check your washer’s setting to make sure a spin cycle is used to adequately rid clothes of water before drying.

#4. Dirty Dryer Lint Screen

The lint screen on your dryer gathers clothing lint, keeping it from clogging the dryer vent. It also helps expel the moist air that results as wet clothes dry. If the vent becomes too full of lint this moist air will remain in the dryer, elongating drying times. It’s recommended that you remove the lint from the lint screen after each drying cycle.

Frequent use of fabric softener and dryer sheets can cause a buildup of residue on the lint screen, also prohibiting airflow within the dryer. We suggest washing the lint screen every 3 months with water and a soft brush. Allow the screen to completely air dry before replacing.

#5. Dryer Lint Buildup

If your dryer won’t dry clothes but gets hot you may be facing the dangerous situation of clogged dryer vents or lint trapped inside your dryer. Over time, lint can accumulate in the dryer cabinet and vents that cuts off the dryer’s air supply. This creates a dangerously hot environment that can lead to dryer fires. Start by cleaning your vents annually with these simple steps can prevent dangerous clogs:

  1. Unplug the dryer
  2. Disconnect the vent
  3. Vacuum out the vent tube with the narrow hose attachment
  4. Use a dryer brush to clean extra long vent tubing
  5. Reconnect vent tubing
  6. Examine outside vent for clogs, cleaning with vacuum attachment or brush as needed
  7. Plug dryer in again

You should also have the inside of your dryer cleaned 1-2 times per year to improve efficiency and avoid fires. That’s why we offer professional dryer maintenance service to remove dangerous lint buildup as you can see below. Contact us right away if it’s been a while since you had your dryer maintained.

ge dryer not drying clothes completely

#6. Parts Malfunction

If your GE dryer takes too long to dry after these troubleshooting tips its possible that one of its parts has malfunctioned. A common culprit for electric dryers is a faulty heating element while gas valve solenoids in gas dryers can also result in malfunctions. We recommend professional service to assess for a part malfunction and perform any needed repair.

As dryer repair experts, we know that when your GE dryer takes too long to dry a little maintenance can prevent the problem. Our current dryer maintenance special can help avoid future glitches. Call Moore Appliance Service to find out more or schedule a repair!

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