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How to Troubleshoot a GE Gas Stove Not Lighting
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gas stove burner not working properly

Gas stoves are known for their rapid heating but it’s hard to utilize this advantage if the burners won’t even ignite. Why is my GE gas stove not lighting? It may not be receiving adequate gas or electricity. Try these GE Profile gas cooktop troubleshooting tips to pinpoint the problem when the burners won’t light.

GE Gas Stove Not Lighting? Here’s What to Check.

While a dysfunctional range creates a significant problem, there’s usually a simple cause for a GE gas stove not lighting. From dirty burner components to a defective igniter, a straightforward solution can restore burner function.

Check Gas & Power Connections

If you find your GE range burner not working at all your stove may not have sufficient gas or electrical power. Even though it’s a gas range, electricity is still needed to power the igniter. If you notice the gas burner not sparking or making a clicking sound when lighting the range, it likely doesn’t have adequate power.

Follow these steps to check your range’s gas and power connections:

  • Check the power cord and circuit breaker: Make sure the cord is properly plugged into a functioning outlet and there are no tripped breakers that could cut off power.
  • Avoid extension cords: These cords can’t safely transmit the voltage your range requires, resulting in surges that could shut down power.
  • Make sure gas connections are on: If none of the burners are working properly, the range may not have adequate gas flow. To test the gas, use a match to light each burner by hand. If the flames burn yellow instead of blue, the gas flow to the burners isn’t sufficient and could require adjustment. If there’s no flame, make sure the gas connection is turned on and the valve and gas line are free of damage. A damaged gas line or valve should only be addressed by a professional service.


gas stove burner not working properly

How to Clean GE Gas Range Burners

If your range is receiving adequate power and still doesn’t light, it’s likely the burners require a thorough cleaning. Though you may wipe down your range after each use, spills, cleaning solutions, food particles and grease can accumulate unnoticed around burner components. This buildup can clog burner ports, blocking the flow of gas, or prevent the igniter from sparking. This results in a gas stove burner not working properly or at all.

Here’s how to clean gas range burners:

  • Take off the burner grates.
  • Remove the burner caps and heads by lifting them straight up.
  • Use a needle or toothpick to remove any buildup from the burner ports and the igniter notch.
  • Push down the igniter and gently wipe it with a dry paper towel or clean cloth to remove debris.
  • Replace the burner heads and caps, making sure they rest flat and are properly aligned.
  • Reposition burner grates.

GE Stove Igniter Not Working

Is your GE gas stove not lighting after checking the power connections and cleaning the burners? It’s possible that the igniter (or spark electrode) may have failed. The igniter must generate enough electricity to generate a spark and light the gas as it flows through the burner ports. Over time, it may weaken to the point where it doesn’t produce enough of a spark to light the burner. If it fails completely, it won’t produce a spark at all.

To assess the igniter, observe it as you try to light the burner. If the spark is too weak to ignite the gas or the igniter doesn’t spark it all it’s likely faulty, requiring professional replacement.

When a DIY fix doesn’t do the trick, the experts at Moore Appliance Service can fix a GE gas stove not lighting. Call us for any range and stove repair.

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