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How to Wash Blankets with Pet Hair the Right Way
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removing pet hair from blankets

Our dogs and cats are not just pets, they’re family members. Oftentimes we let them steal our covers, sleep on our beds, and use our favorite blankets to ensure their comfort. Every pet owner knows that removing their hair from blankets and other garments can be a nuisance. We’ll discuss how to wash blankets with pet hair, including tips before you wash and how to remove pet hair from a washer.

From Poodle Hair to Siamese Fur: How to Wash Blankets with Pet Hair

There are few things better than a purring cat curled up beside you. But having to remove pet hair from laundry is an inconvenience we don’t usually foresee when we adopt that kitten or puppy. Our tips and tricks for how to wash blankets with pet hair can make a frustrating job easier. But first, a word of caution about the damage pet hair can do to a washing machine.

Can Pet Hair Damage a Washing Machine?

To answer this question simply, yes. When you wash blankets with dog hair or cat fur, the water causes the fur to clump and stick to other items as well as the washer tub. Wet clumps of hair and fur won’t drain properly, clogging your washer’s drain pump filter.

A clogged drain pump filter can create extra lint on clothes after a washing. In addition, a clogged filter could lead to a buildup of mold and mildew in your washer that creates an offensive odor. In worst-case scenarios, the machine’s drain hose or pump can become clogged with pet hair, necessitating a cleaning or repair.

how to wash blankets with pet hair

How to Remove Pet Hair from a Washer

The best washing machine for pet hair is any newer, high-efficiency model with a self-cleaning pump that gets rid of pet hair. If you have this type of machine, simply run an empty wash cycle once a month to get rid of any trapped pet hair in the pump.

If you don’t have this type of washer, you will need to clean your drain pump filter to remove any pet hair. While the drain pump filter’s purpose is to filter out lint, it can easily become clogged with pet hair, leading to a clogged drain hose or a buildup of mildew in your machine. Here’s how to get rid of dog hair in the washing machine by cleaning a drain pump filter quickly and easily:

  • Use your owner’s manual to locate your washer’s drain filter
  • Soak removable filters in a basin of hot water and dish soap for 10 minutes
  • Use a toothbrush or paper towel to clean the lint of non-removable filters
  • Clean the filter’s location with a toothbrush and paper towels before replacing the filter

Before You Wash…

The most important step in how to wash blankets with pet hair is actually what happens before a washing. We suggest using any of these methods to remove as much cat fur or dog hair as possible before a wash:

  • Run a lint roller over the blanket
  • Use pieces of tape to remove fur
  • Wear rubber gloves and wipe them across the blanket, creating friction to loosen hair
  • Run the blanket through the dryer before washing, taking care to clean the dryer lint trap of any fur

remove pet hair from laundry

Washing Instructions

Once your blanket is ready for a washing, follow these simple steps:

  • Give the blanket a good shake to remove any lingering hairs
  • Add ½ cup of white vinegar to the wash cycle to help loosen pet hair
  • Run an empty wash cycle after washing the blanket to filter out fur and hair
  • Wipe down the washer tub after the empty cycle

As the Moore County area’s premier washing machine repair service, Moore Appliance Service is committed to customer care. Our tips from how to wash blankets with pet hair to how to clean a smelly front load washer can improve your washer’s performance over time. Give us a call today with any questions or concerns!

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