When we invest in a new appliance many of us have faith that a warranty protects us against unexpected failure. However, how many of us actually read the terms of the warranty? When it comes to a manufacturer warranty for appliances, many of them go unread until the unexpected happens.

 A Little Knowledge Goes a Long Way: Manufacturer Warranty for Appliances

How do appliance warranties work exactly? Most cover appliance defects or failures for 1 year. At an additional cost, you can often purchase extended warranties for longer periods of time.

But before you make that choice, it’s important to know exactly what your appliance manufacturer warranty includes. While this information is typically in your owner’s manual, we have some essential tips to keep in mind about appliance warranties.

Research Warranty Coverage Before Buying

Not all warranties are created equal. While most do provide a general amount of coverage for a period of 1 year, the fine print on some of these can include longer or shorter time periods for certain parts.

If you’re wondering, “How do I know if my appliance is under warranty?” we suggest familiarizing yourself with that brand’s specific coverage for parts, defects, and malfunctions before purchasing. We also recommend researching customer reviews of the warranty itself. This can provide some insider info on if the appliance brand truly lives up to the warranty coverage it promises.

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Hold Onto Your Receipt

Did you know that a manufacturer warranty for appliances could be invalid if you don’t keep your receipt? Service technicians need to submit the receipt as proof of purchase to the manufacturer in order to be reimbursed for the repair. With no receipt it’s possible the manufacturer may deny payment for the repair, making you responsible.

We recommend keeping the receipt for at least 10 years and attaching it to your warranty for safekeeping.

Register Your New Appliance

Though we often groan about taking one more step in the appliance purchasing process, registering your appliance can save time in the long run. By registering your appliance with the manufacturer, you can streamline the warranty repair process. Registering also guarantees proof of purchase in the event that you (gasp!) lose your receipt.

Learn What Is and Isn’t Covered

Making assumptions about anything is never a safe bet and that certainly holds true when it comes to warranty coverage. Not every type of defect or repair is eligible for coverage during the first year. Here are some common problems that you will likely pay for out of pocket:

  • Customer misuse: this is probably the biggest misconception about warranties. Repairs due to chronic lint buildup in your dryer trap or severely overcrowding your freezer are examples that are not covered under warranty.
  • Installation issues: though it’s not your fault the installer didn’t properly attach the hoses for your washing machine, nor is it the manufacturers. Warranties typically do not cover installation errors for appliances.
  • Cosmetic issues: as upsetting as they are, cracks, scratches or dents are typically only covered for a matter of days. Check your owner’s manual for specific cosmetic coverage.

Extended Coverage on Replacement Parts

Though you may believe your warranty expires after 1 year, check your owner’s manual before paying for a repair. Oftentimes, a manufacturer warranty for appliances will include longer coverage terms for certain parts. This can be up to ten years after your purchase so we suggest taking the time to read the fine print.

how do I know if my appliance is under warranty

Most Repair Technicians Are Independent

Most of the time the service technician who completes your repair does not work for the appliance manufacturer. He or she cannot authorize product replacements nor are they responsible for interpreting your warranty coverage. Both you and the technician have the shared goal of fixing your appliance. Any warranty coverage concerns will need to be addressed directly with the manufacturer.

Knowing the ins and outs of how a manufacturer warranty for appliances works can save you a big headache when faced with repairs. Moore Appliance Service offers the most customer-friendly appliance service in Fayetteville and the surrounding area with our in-house appliance repair warranty. Call for details today!