Loading a dryer with a pile of wet clothes only to find that it won’t start will stop your laundry day in its tracks. Wondering, “Why won’t my Samsung dryer start?” The door may not be properly closed and latched, preventing the start of a drying cycle. Here are 5 reasons your Samsung dryer won’t start and how to solve the problem.

Troubleshooting Why Your Samsung Dryer Won’t Start

Samsung dryer troubleshooting includes simple adjustments and DIY fixes as well as part failures and professional repairs. We’ll pinpoint the most likely reasons your Samsung dryer won’t start to determine the right solution.

1. No Power to the Dryer

Does the control panel remain dark when your Samsung dryer won’t start? It’s possible the dryer no longer has power.

These issues can eliminate power to the dryer, preventing it from starting:

  • Dryer is not plugged in: Make sure the dryer is properly plugged into a functioning outlet.
  • Circuit breaker is tripped: Check your home’s circuit breaker box and reset any tripped breakers.
  • Using an extension cord: These cords can’t safely conduct the voltage a dryer requires, resulting in overheating that can shut down function.

samsung dryer not starting

2. Dryer Door Not Latched Shut

If your Samsung dryer lights up but won’t start, make sure the door is properly closed and latched. As a safety precaution, the drying cycle won’t begin until the door is closed and the latch is engaged. To engage the latch, close the door firmly and make sure loose clothing isn’t interfering with its closure.

If the latch still won’t engage it may be damaged, leaving it unable to signal the start of a drying cycle. A damaged latch must be replaced.

3. Need to Adjust Dryer Settings

Certain settings can result in a Samsung dryer not starting immediately.

The following settings prevent an immediate start or alter drying function:

  • Delayed Start: A drying cycle begins at a later, preset time.
  • Child Lock: The control panel locks and the dryer won’t turn on or respond to commands.
  • Delicates or Damp Dry: If it starts but the dryer takes forever to dry, the Delicates or Damp Dry setting could elongate drying times for certain items.

Always check your control panel for icons or error codes that can indicate what settings are engaged or if an error has occurred. The control panel displays a clock when the Delayed Start function is engaged. A smiling lock or face icon illuminates when Control Lock is enabled. To disable Control Lock, press and hold the Drying Level and Time buttons for 3 seconds. Delayed Start and any other drying function can be canceled by turning the dryer off and on again.

samsung dryer won't start

Photo Credit: Samsung

4. Samsung Dryer Thermal Fuse Failure

A Samsung dryer thermal fuse is a protective feature that blows if the dryer is close to overheating. While the fuse can blow if it’s defective, overheating is the more common cause. When this happens, we suggest checking the dryer vents for clogs, as blocked vents can restrict air circulation, causing overheating. The dryer will not start again until the fuse is replaced.

5. Defective Samsung Dryer Start Switch

When the Start button is pushed it signals the start switch to deliver electricity to the drive motor and begin drying function. If the Start switch is defective, the drive motor won’t receive this signal and your Samsung dryer won’t start. How can you tell if the start switch is defective? If you don’t hear a humming noise or any other sound when pressing Start, it’s likely the start switch is the problem.  A defective start switch requires replacement.

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