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Why Is My Samsung Front Load Washer Leaking Water?
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samsung front load washer leaking

Despite its superior cleaning power and efficiency, the downside of a front load vs top load washer is the risk of leaks. Why is my Samsung front load washer leaking? Door obstructions, like trapped clothing, can compromise the door seal, causing leaks. Troubleshoot a front load Samsung washing machine leaking water with these common causes.

Pinpointing the Source of a Samsung Front Load Washer Leaking Water

While washer leaks can seem like a serious malfunction, most can be resolved with a DIY fix or straightforward repair. Here’s how to find both the source and solution for a Samsung front load washer leaking water.

Check Hose Connections

Wondering why is water leaking from the bottom of my washing machine? The washer’s three main hose connections are common sources of leaks at this location. Check the hot and cold water inlet hoses for leaks at their connections to the washer and your home’s water valves. Tighten any loose connections or replace any valves that appear damaged.

Drain hose leaks can occur if the hose is improperly positioned. Make sure the hose is 60-90 cm. high when hanging over a sink basin or connecting to a sink drain or standpipe.

Washer Hose Is Bent or Damaged

Damage or kinks to the hoses can also result in a Samsung front load washer leaking water. Inspect the water inlet and drain hoses for holes that can leak water. Disconnect the water inlet hoses and also examine the o-rings at the end of the hose. Damaged hoses or o-rings require replacement.

Even if the hose isn’t damaged, bends or kinks can restrict water flow and cause leaks. While some kinks can be gently straightened, others can cause permanent damage, requiring that the hose be replaced.

Washer Door Is Obstructed

If you find your Samsung front load washer leaking water from door, it’s possible an obstruction is interfering with the door boot seal. This seal is watertight when the door is closed, preventing leaks during a wash cycle. Check for clothing, buttons, or hair that may be trapped in the boot seal and remove any obstructions.

Even if there are no visible blockages, check your Samsung door boot seal for damage that can also result in leaks. Rips, tears, or holes can compromise the seal and cause leaking. A damaged door boot seal must be replaced.

samsung front load washer leaking water

Exceeding Washer Capacity

Front load washing machine leaking can also occur if the washer is overloaded. Filling the washer beyond its capacity can make the drum off balance, resulting in leaks from the door. Continued overloading can even damage the drum bearings, requiring a complex repair.

Follow these loading tips to avoid washer leaks:

  • Consult your user manual to confirm your model washer’s capacity. Generally, filling the washer only ¾ of the way full leaves adequate space for tumbling and water circulation.
  • Wash large items, like bedding, separately from others or with just 1 or 2 other items to allow for more space.
  • Place items in the washer loosely, one at a time, to avoid clumping that can make the drum off balance.

front load samsung washing machine leaking

Washer Is Not Level

The washer drum may also be unbalanced if the washer isn’t level. Make sure your washer’s legs sit squarely on the floor and that the flooring is stable. If the legs aren’t sitting evenly on the ground, consult your user manual to determine how to level the legs, so they sit squarely. Rest a carpenter’s level on top of the machine and raise or lower the legs, as needed, until the machine sits evenly.

Washer Leaking From Detergent Dispenser

If you find your Samsung front load washer leaking water from soap dispenser, it’s possible the detergent drawer wasn’t properly closed. To prevent leaks, always close the drawer firmly after loading the dispenser. 

Sometimes dispenser leaks can occur if detergent residue builds up inside or behind the dispenser, preventing proper closure. Remove the drawer and rinse it under warm, running water as part of regular front load washer maintenance. Wipe down the dispenser housing to remove any buildup.

Are DIY solutions still leaving you with a Samsung front load washer leaking water? It may be time for a professional assessment. Call Moore Appliance Service for an expert washing machine repair.

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