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Appliance News: Whirlpool Glass Cooktop Recall
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whirlpool glass cooktop recall

A nationwide safety recall has been announced by the Whirlpool Corporation for several thousand potentially defective glass cooktops. The announcement was made on August 28, 2019, that a Whirlpool glass cooktop recall was in effect for some newer models which use touch-activated controls.

Whirlpool Glass Cooktop Recall Details

The models being recalled may be able to turn on by themselves, which poses obvious safety concerns. Follow our guide to find out if your unit may be affected by the Whirlpool cooktop recall.

What Caused the Recall?

Whirlpool has received 133 reported instances of touch-activated glass cooktop burners heating up by themselves. Thankfully though, only a small number of minor damages or injuries have resulted from the defect thus far according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The manufacturer is still in the process of determining the exact cause of the cooktop malfunction. They’re wasting no time though in addressing the problem and getting the defective units replaced ASAP. Until you’re sure that your cooktop poses no fire or burn risks, turn off the power at the circuit breaker.

whirlpool glass cooktop recall
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Models Covered by the Recall

Not all models affected by the Whirlpool glass cooktop recall carry the Whirlpool brand name. Some of the potentially faulty units were also sold under the KitchenAid and JennAir brands. About 26,300 cooktops were sold throughout the United States, with another 3,000 sold in Canada and Mexico.

The models that fall under the Whirlpool cooktop recall were manufactured between March 2017 through August 2019. The majority of units were purchased from large appliance dealers like Best Buy, Lowes, or Home Depot. Some were bought online and through smaller retailers as well though, so be sure to check your model number.

Models Numbers Being Recalled

If there’s any possibility that you may have purchased one of the cooktops being recalled, check your cooktop’s model number right away. You’ll need to access the bottom of the unit to find the number printed underneath. Write down the model number once you locate it, then check to see if it starts with one of these combinations:

  • WCE97US0HS
  • WCE97US6HS
  • WCE97US0HB
  • WCE97US6HB
  • KCES950HSS
  • KCES956HSS
  • KCES950HBL
  • KCES956HBL
  • JEC4430HS
  • JEC4536HS
  • JEC4424HB
  • JEC4430HB
  • JEC4536HB
  • JED4430GB
  • JED4430GS
  • JED4536GB
  • JED4536GS
whirlpool cooktop recall
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How to Contact Whirlpool for Replacement

Again, if your cooktop’s model number is listed above, disconnect the power at the circuit breaker immediately. Then you’ll need to contact the manufacturer’s Whirlpool glass cooktop recall hotline at 888-900-7897. You can call anytime between 8 am – 8 pm Monday through Friday, or conveniently submit your cooktop recall online.

If your model is confirmed to be covered under the recall, a replacement cooktop will be installed right away at no charge. As unfortunate as appliance recalls are, Whirlpool is addressing the problem head-on wand taking care of their customers as best they can.

If your model does not fall under the recall but is in need of repair, don’t hesitate to call Moore Appliance Service. Our cooktop repair service experts will have you cooking up a storm on your stovetop again in no time!

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