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Why Is My Maytag Washer Loud During Spin Cycles
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Maytag Washer Loud During Spin Cycle

Are you feeling like a cat on a hot tin roof every time your washing machine hits spin cycle and starts making a racket? Don’t fur-get, we’re here to lend a paw in solving the loud spin mystery of why your Maytag washer is loud during the spin cycle. Let’s scratch the surface of why your front load or top load washer is making such a loud noise and what we can do to purr-fect the peace.

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How to Troubleshoot when a Maytag Washer Is Loud During Spin Cycle

It’s time to put on our detective hats and figure out why your Maytag washer is making noise during the spin cycle. Let’s take a look at the most common culprits and diagnose the problem so we can put a stop to that racket. Time to get hands-on and get to the bottom of this loud spin cycle.

Is the Washer Overloaded or Unbalanced?

Tired of hearing your Maytag washer banging during the wash cycle? When it comes to diagnosing a washing machine making loud banging noise on spin cycle, it’s important to first consider the load balance. Overloading the washer beyond its capacity limit can cause the machine to become unbalanced and result in a loud spin cycle for your top load washer. 

To troubleshoot, start by manually redistributing items inside the washer so that weight is evenly distributed. Additionally, make sure to check the specifications in your Owner’s Manual for the maximum capacity of your washer. This will help you ensure that you’re not overloading the machine, which can contribute to a noisy spin cycle.

Pulley or Belt? Is there a difference between the drive pulley and drive belt?

Yes, there is a difference between the drive pulley and drive belt. The drive pulley connects the motor to the washer drum, while the drive belt is responsible for turning the washer drum. A damaged or broken drive pulley can cause a loud noise during spin cycles, while a worn or frayed drive belt can also cause a loud noise during spin cycles.

Broken Drive Pulley: A Possible Culprit

A broken drive pulley can be a source of loud noise during spin cycles in your Maytag washer. The drive pulley is responsible for connecting the motor to the washer drum, so if it’s damaged or broken, it can result in a noisy spin cycle. 

To diagnose this problem, take a close look at the pulley and inspect it for any signs of damage or looseness. If you notice any issues, it may be time to consider replacing the pulley to get your washer running quietly once again.

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Worn Out Drive Belt: The Silent Killer of Quiet Wash Cycles

Have you ever experienced that dreaded thumping noise mid-spin cycle? It’s like your washer is trying to break free from its chains and join a drumming band. That’s usually a sign of a worn-out drive belt. This belt acts as the intermediary between the motor and the washer drum, transmitting the power necessary for a smooth spin cycle. If it’s frayed or stretched, it can’t handle the job and instead causes those annoying thumps. To diagnose, simply inspect the drive belt for any signs of wear or damage. If you spot any, it may be time to retire the old belt and bring in a new one for a quiet and smooth wash.

What Does a Washing Machine Sound Like When the Bearings Have Gone?

A common culprit of a washing machine making a grinding noise or banging noises in your Maytag washer is worn-out tub bearings. These bearings play a crucial role in supporting the spinning drum, so when they fail, the drum can come into contact with the tub, causing a loud, disruptive noise. The washer’s tub bearings need to be inspected if you notice these sounds. Ignoring the issue could result in further damage to your machine and costly repairs in the future. So, it’s important to address this problem as soon as possible.

Contact a professional if you suspect your Maytag washer has faulty tub bearings.

More Ways to Fix a Loud Spin Cycle

If you’ve already balanced the load and confirmed that the drive belt and bearings are working properly, it may be time to invest in some anti-vibration pads.

Reduce the noise of your washing machine by installing anti-vibration pads at the bottom. These pads work by absorbing the vibrations produced by the machine, effectively reducing the noise generated. A highly recommended option is to purchase anti-vibration pads from Amazon.

We hope this helps you solve the issue of a Maytag washer that is loud during spin cycles. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us for your Maytag Washer Repair!

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